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Smiles and Dental Care, PLLC, is a family dental facility located in the heart of Tysons Corner, where beautiful smiles are powered by high quality dental care and simply that is our mission. We are committed to leveraging state of the art technology while maintaining age old traditions of respect, integrity, and personalized compassionate care.

At Smiles and Dental Care, we believe that we should provide the closest-to-natural solutions while keeping patients’ comfort a priority.

High Standards: Metal-Free Dentistry

Our standard of excellence demands that we only provide the most desirable materials for dental veneers, crowns, and other restorative procedures. As a result, we are a metal-free dentistry. We avoid using amalgam – or metal – fillings or metal crowns, and will safely remove damaged amalgam fillings. We even avoid using metal braces in favor of Invisalign ® clear braces for teeth straightening.

Instead, we provide a tooth-colored composite resin to create fillings, crowns, and veneers that better match the feel and appearance of real teeth.

There are many reasons why patients do not want amalgam dental fillings or metal crowns. Metal fillings are made of elemental mercury mixed with other metals; despite being considered safe, some people are uncomfortable having mercury in their body. There are also rare cases of people being allergic to the metals in these fillings and metal crowns. We also recognize that some patients simply dislike the sight of metal in their mouth. To address these concerns, Dr. Zia maintains a metal-free dental practice.

Uncompromising Safety

Infection control in our office is also very important to us. To protect our patients and ourselves, we strictly maintain sterilization and cross contamination processes using standards recommended by the American Dental Association (ADA), the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), and the Center for Disease Control (CDC).

Gentle and Caring

Once you walk into our doors, you will know that Smiles and Dental Care is considerate of your comfort. Our waiting room is designed to be as relaxing and comforting as possible, much like a hotel lobby. Water and coffee is readily available as you wait, and you can enjoy these to the tune of relaxing music and the sight of natural scenery on the television. If you prefer to bring your own devices, you can take advantage of our free Wi-Fi.

Within the operatory, you can expect to receive the same comfort. Dr. Zia and staff are always attentive to the needs of a patient, with ample time scheduled for the appointment to discuss any specific circumstances that may apply to your treatment. If sensitivity and discomfort during treatments is an issue, we can offer nitrous oxide for most circumstances and The Wand if necessary to maximize your comfort. The Wand is a device that administers anesthesia to numb a specific tooth and the neighboring dentition, allowing procedures to be performed in a more relaxing way.

From beginning to end, the team at Smiles & Dental Care strives to provide a gentle, caring and attentive approach to your dental needs.

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Dr. Asma Zia and staff are always eager to serve the people of McLean-Tysons Corner, Falls Church, Vienna, and Great Falls. Adults can enjoy having their teeth restored to a natural appearance, and children can experience a trusting dentist to make them feel at home. To find out more about us, or to schedule an appointment, contact our office today!

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