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Many people are concerned about the appearance of their smile. Dr. Asma Zia and our team at Smiles and Dental Care, PLLC are proud to help patients with cosmetic dental concerns from our office in McLean – Tysons Corner. Cosmetic dentist Dr. Zia is well-versed in the art of aesthetic dentistry, offering various procedures with utmost care and skill. If the look of your smile is an area of concern then we are here for you.

Why Cosmetic Dentistry?

Many people believe the term “cosmetic dentistry” implies that the only benefit of such procedures is the improved appearance of a smile.

However, the truth is that some of the more common problems addressed by cosmetic dental procedures - missing, eroded, chipped, or crooked teeth - carry legitimate oral health risks.

Permanently lost teeth make food harder to eat, weaken the jaw bone, and overburden the remaining teeth (which consequently have a higher likelihood of falling out themselves). Eroded and chipped teeth often suffer from pain and sensitivity, and damaged teeth have a higher risk of infection. Teeth which are misaligned have hard-to-access spaces where plaque and tartar accumulate and make it more difficult to keep clean, putting the dentition at an increased likelihood of decay.

Thankfully, our Tysons Corner cosmetic dentist and team can offer solutions to these problems. Dental implants are almost as strong and useful as real teeth, crowns and veneers can rebuild and protect teeth from sensitivity or further damage, and cosmetic teeth straightening open up the spaces between teeth for better cleaning and management.

By improving the look of your smile through these restorative cosmetic treatments, Dr. Zia also helps your mouth become healthy and strong.

What We Offer

At our McLean cosmetic dental practice, Dr. Zia offers the following procedures:

• Veneers and Crowns –We use porcelain for both dental crowns and dental veneers, which mimic the appearance of naturally white teeth extremely well.
• Invisalign® – This clear appliance allows for a comfortable and discreet teeth straightening experience.
• Dental Implants – Dr. Zia can restore dental implants, and can often surgically place implants as well. If patients need a bone graft or other additional procedure to prepare for the implant, she will likely refer to a trusted, local oral surgeon or periodontist.
• Teeth Whitening – Our practice can help you brighten your smile with a quick in office whitening session or with professional grade teeth whitening product for home.
• Composite Fillings – After cleaning out the decayed area of a tooth, dental fillings are used to cover and rebuild that area. As part of our metal-free approach, we use a composite resin to make this filling.

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Whether you are considering cosmetic dentistry for its aesthetic or restorative advantages, Smiles and Dental Care is here to help. Based in McLean-Tysons Corner we also serve the nearby communities of Falls Church, Vienna, and Great Falls. To find out more about how our cosmetic dental services can best help you, give us a call today!

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